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The very first beer brewed at Original Gravity Brewing Company.  Primordial Porter is a full flavored Robust style Porter.  Almost black in color with a complex malt profile that exhibits a smooth balance between chocolate, coffee and roasted flavors.
O.G = 1.064 –6.0%

Refreshing wheat ale brewed with belgian yeast, fresh cracked coriander and orange peel. A cloudy medium-light bodied beer that is straw gold in color and finishes slightly tart. Sublte use of spices to compliment rather than dominate the unique yeast and wonderful wheat character
O.G = 1.053 - 5.6%

Not your typical Amber Ale.  Bold flavored Amber Ale with pronounced roasted character and caramel notes, balanced with loads of Cascade hops. Medium bodied, deep copper in color and dry hopped for additional hop character this beer is full of flavor.
O.G. = 1.054 – 5.5%

Flavor grenade of American hops!  With pronounced hop flavor and aroma this IPA is deliciously citrusy from tons of Cascade, Simcoe and Amarillo hops.  Full flavored, hoppy, well balanced American IPA. 
O.G. = 1.063 – 6.5%

**MASON BREWER'S BEST - (rotating tap)
A malty, easy drinking traditional English Mild. 100% English malts and unique ale yeast give this beer great body and flavor in a great session beer.
O.G = 1.040 –3.4%

**EAZY-DUZ-IT IPA - (rotating tap)
A "session" style IPA. This beer has all of the hop character of a traditional American IPA, with the lower alcohol drinkabilty of many less flavored lawn mower beers!
O.G = 1.045 - 4.4%

**SHINEBOX DUNKELWEIZEN - (rotating tap)
Traditional dark German Wheat beer. This beer has the refreshing qualities of a Hefeweizen along with the rich, complex malt character of a Munich Dunkel.
O.G = 1.047 - 4.6%

**BELLYWASHER SCOTCH ALE- (rotating tap)
Traditional Scotch Ale or 'Wee Heavy". Brown in color, medium-full bodied ale that is all about the malt. Rich malt flavor derived from english malts, with subtle hints of roastiness and smoke that round out this delicious brew.
O.G = 1.081 - 8.1%

Also check menu board for the latest Small Batch Creations!!

RYE-GHT ON! - (rotating tap)
Session style Rye IPA brewed with Amarillo and Simcoe hops!
O.G. = 1.050 - 4.6%

OLD SKOOL ALTBIER - (rotating tap)
Traditional Dusseldorf style Altbier brewed with 100% German Malt. Perfect balance between smooth malt character and crisp, clean finish.
O.G = 1.052 - 5.0%

Crisp, clean, refreshing cream ale, which is an ale version of an American lager. Definitely needed while mowing the lawn or reeling in a delicious bass!
O.G. = 1.048 - 5.0%

440 PEPPER SMOKER - (rotating tap)
Amber Ale brewed with German smoked malt to give a pronounced, but well balanced smoke profile.  Fresh Jalapenos added during several stages of the brewing process gives this beer the bold Jalapeno flavor and aroma that marries perfectly with the smoke flavor from the malt.
O.G = 1.060 - 5.6%

TRAIN JUMPER BLACK IPA - (rotating tap)
American style black IPA brewed with a delicate balance of roasted malt to give a darker appearance,  smooth roastiness and malt complexity to pair incredibly with the citrusy American hop profile.
O.G = 1.054 - 5.0%

CONE-AZALIA IRA - (rotating tap)
Very smooth, citrusy and refreshing session style IRA (India Red Ale).
Made to celebrate the Cone-Azalia road race here in Milan MI!
Brewed entirely with Mosaic hops and a unique German base malt to give a rich red color. Perfect beer after a long (or short..or none) bike ride!
O.G. = 1.049 - 4.5%

ROOT DOWN - (rotating tap)
Session style Ginger beer brewed with malted barley and candi sugar. Additions of fresh, dried and crystallized ginger root result in a very crisp and refreshing brew. Kick it Root Down!
O.G. =1.050 - 4.7%

LUMPY - (rotating tap)
Roasty, chocolatey, creamy and smooth Oatmeal Stout served on Nitro.
O.G = 1.060 - 5.4%

HIGH FIVE IPA - (rotating tap)
Imperial IPA brewed with way too many hops and containing way too much alcohol.. This beer is full of citrusy hop aroma, flavor and bitterness.
O.G. = 1.089 - 9.8%

OAT MALT STOUT - (rotating tap)
Big, thick and chewy Stout brewed with Oat Malt!
O.G. = 1.081 - 7.3%

Well balanced and refreshing American Pale Ale. Unique bready malt character that pairs wonderfully with the crisp citrusy hop flavor and Aroma from Cascade and Amarillo hop varietes.
O.G. = 1.052 – 5.1%

TOP HOPS IPA - (rotating tap)
American style IPA brewed with all Michigan grown hops from Top Hops, LLC located in Goodrich, MI. 100% Cascade were used to brew this great IPA!
O.G = 1.058 - 6.0%

Traditional dark German Wheat beer. This beer has the refreshing qualities of a Hefeweizen along with the rich, complex malt character of a Munich Dunkel.
O.G = 1.047 - 4.6%

Last years Bellywasher Scotch ale that has been aged in a bourbon cask for almost 12 months!

MILAN-WEIZEN - (rotating tap)
American style wheat beer that is brewed with a wonderful blend of Wheat and Vienna malts. Copper-orange in color with Citrus and peachy fruit notes create a perfectly refreshing summer brew.
O.G. = 1.052 - 4.9%

OLD MAN E.S.B - (rotating tap)
English Pale ale that is strongest of the "bitter" family. Malty beer that focuses more on the hop bitterness than the aroma and flavor of the hops. Brewed mostly with East Kent Golding and some Cascade hops. Clean malt aroma and flavor that leads to an assertive, yet balanced bitterness to compliment the wonderful London Ale yeast strain.

FUNKY ENOUGH IPA - (rotating tap)
Belgian Style Black IPA. American IPA brewed with dark roasted wheat malt and loads of American hops, including Amarillo, Simcoe and Cascade! Fermented with a very unique Belgian yeast strain. Wonderfully complex, but complimenting cast of characters.
O.G. = 1.061 - 5.9%

EVIL OVERLORD - (rotating tap)
A high octane Strong Dark Belgian Ale. Almost black in color with an inviting aroma of banana, caramel and dried fruit. Medium body beer with complex flavors from malted barley, wheat, and imported Belgium dark candi syrup. Dangerously evil.
O.G = 1.081 - 9.1%

SEAN OF THE RED - (rotating tap)
Traditional Irish Red Ale named after friend and fellow brewer Sean B. Irish through and through without a crazy red beard, this beer is fermented with a traditional Irish Ale yeast giving a unique malty but yet balanced beer.

CHROME TRUK NUTZ - (rotating tap)
Belgian style IPA brewed with tons of Amarillo and Cascade hops and fermented with a Belgian ale yeast strain. The yeast compliments the already citrusy aspects of the American hops. Nice grapefruit and pineapple characteristics.
O.G. = 1.060 - 5.8%

** = Currently on tap



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